About Me

Building Clean, Beautiful Websites For Churches

Hi, my name is Aaron. I am the Director Of Worship And Arts at a church right her sin Central Wisconsin. So, right off the bat you should know that I have first hand personal experience with the needs of churches online both in a practical way and in discipleship oriented way.

How did I get into this you *might* be asking – maybe not, but I totally understand! 12 years ago now the church I was a part of was putting on a missions conference in Seoul, South Korea. The website the leadership had built had somehow crashed and disappeared. Woof! Someone had to step up and make sure that there was a way people could register for the event… and that is the *quick version* of the story on how I entered the website and graphic design space. 

Even though it wasn’t intentional on my part, I had jumped into the new church communications space long before most churches would recognize it to be not just a luxury, but now a necessity. Building and managing websites, creating sermon graphics, creating and managing social media calendars, creating videos for announcements are all things that I do both for my church and other churches, ministries, and non-profits.

This path into the digital space has become the central place where God has sent me to be a part of spreading the Good News around the world using the internet as the tool for doing so. I love to meet other ministry leaders and love to help them out. If there are any questions you have about what we do here please feel free to reach out and ask away!