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The needs of churches and non-profits are special. There is very specific info that people want when they visit our sites, so we work to provide all that they need.

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Something For Every Job You Need To Do

Sermon Series Graphic Design

One of the biggest ways that churches can get support is for sermon graphic design and graphic design for events. What ever you might need we can help you with it. Whether it's a one off sermon graphic, a sermon series graphic set, or a whole set of bulletin/annoucnement graphics we can get it done.
  • Single Graphic $20/design

    A single graphic, whether for a sermon, announcements, or your bulletin.

  • Sermon Series Package $80-120/package

    A sermon series graphic package includes: Main Series Graphic, Individual Graphics for each week of the series, background graphic that can be used to put sermon points over, scripture slides, etc. it also includes social media banner graphics, square social media graphics, and a social media graphic that you can add scriptures and quotes to. Final Cost based on how many graphics are needed and what format they are needed in (jpg, png, design files like PSD, etc.)

  • Social Media Graphics $200/month

    Are you looking to tie all of your posts together visually? Are you looking to create a consistent set of graphics that you can use each month? Scripture graphics, quotes, interactive posts? Get all the graphics you need (up to 5 a week) for your church. This is a month subscription add-on.

  • Website Graphics $50/package

    Are you in need of extra customized graphics for your website that connect to all of your other graphics. Get this add-on that allows your sermon series graphics to be converted for use on your podcast, website, or anywhere you need it.

Sermon Audio/Podcast Production

Sometimes it's just the little simple things that separate good from great. have a great intro music, transitions, good voice overs when needed. These are all parts of audio production and podcasting that really make a difference to listeners. Perhaps you don't have anyone on staff that does those things, well, now you have us!
  • Intros/Outros $25-75/session

    Do you want a custom sermon series intro and outro? Custom music, custom voice over? Send over your script and we'll get it taken care of for you.

  • Single Sermon/Episode $25/session

    Do you just want a single sermon or episode of a show edited? That's possible. Send a file over and we'll get it back to you ASAP ready to go online!

  • Single Sermon/Episode $250-500/year

    Do you need someone to do all of you audio editing for your sermons for the year, or for a whole season of a podcast - we got you! Tell us what your needs are and we'll get it done for a price that is affordable and professional.

Web Products

***Digital Marketing charge DOES NOT include AD COST

Design Products

*** Other add-ons available ***

*Not sure if you need an add-on? You can contact me to discuss any product or service listed here!

Info You can share

My New Church Website knows that you need to be able to share information with your co-workers and ministry leaders to make sure that everyone is able to see results with a website build. Download a copy of our PDF so you can share 👍🏻

My Process

How We Will Get Your Project Built.

What Is A Website?

A website is a home for your company that is found at a web url. Just like when you typed in to get to my website. The website is all the combined information put together on a single or multiple pages to tell others more about you.


Once we've looked at your needs and what I am able to do to help meet those needs, I will then draft up a proposal for you to look at.


After we've finalized the work being done I'll draw up a contract outlining what the expectations are for the job. Once the contract has been agreed upon and signed I will send over the invoice so that we may proceed forward.



Now is the time we gather together to work out design concepts, visual ideas, functionality, and the general direction for the work. We'll make sure that we are taking the best first steps forward. In this step we will collect all relevant data for the site.

Proofs & Drafts

I will take the ideas and concepts we've agreed upon and move forward with laying the structure for your project, and enter the initial draft phase. We will communicate along the way to see what progress is made and what needs to be done for a second or final draft.

Finalized Product

Well, we've reached that point. Your product is finished and it's ready to go out into the world. It can be exciting and worrisome. I know how it goes. But I will be right there with you to make any necessary adjustments so that you can focus on the important things!


Most Popular Questions.

Common Web Design Terms

What is a website?

A website is a home for your company that is found at a web url. Just like when you typed in to get to my website. The website is all the combined information put together on single or multiple pages to tell others more about you.

What is website management?

Websites are living things. At least, they are meant to be. Long are the days where you added information to a website and just left it sitting there. Website management is the processes of keeping a website backed up, secure, and updated so that you are not vulnerable to intruders.

Why does a website cost so much?

There are many things that result in MANY hours of labor when it comes to a website. Set-up alone can take multiple hours. Then the process of client ideation, then the actual process of building the website adds up quick. Then add the process of revision and you have what most web designers charge $10,000+ for, but I work hard to speed up that process and bring the cost down.

Will it really take 6 to 8 weeks for my website?

The average amount of time it takes to finish a website in is 2 weeks, but unforeseen circumstances and missing information are often the determining factors for how long it ACTUALLY takes to finish your site. Having ALL your content prepared when you start the process is one of the most important aspects of getting your site finished on time.

What is branding?

Branding is a marketing practice in which a company creates a name, symbol or design that is easily identifiable as belonging to the company. This helps to identify a product and distinguish it from other products and services. Branding service consist of creating those assets that help people identify your business.

What does the branding process look like?

Branding is meticulous, and can require lots of time and review before making final decisions and getting your branding ready. We will talk to you about your company, what is important for people to see in you, provide some logo mock ups, and then walk through the revision process. We can work as hard as you want to get the results you desire.

Should I be marketing my products online?

Your website is the front door to your business and your brand. In mean, people will want to check you and your products out before they commit to buying or even attend your events. You can help create more traction in getting people to your site and to your store by putting your products in the places they are. I help can help clients with marketing/advertising on any of their preferred platforms.

What Commerce sites do you work with?

I am able to help you do a set-up of your content on sites like; Yelp, Groupon, Facebook Market, Travelocity, and more. If there is one you want to work with but it is not listed here, ask me and I will check it out.

How long is the timeline?

Of course there are a lot of determining factors to the timeline for a project, but most of the time it depends on how prepared with information and media my clients are that happens to lead us to a more solid finish date. The more prepared you are the quicker we finish.

What does the process look like?

That's an excellent question. To start, go over to my contact page and fill out the form so we can get started. If I need more information than I will give you a call. Once I have all the information needed to get started I will email over a PROPOSAL. We'll make sure everything is in order. Once that is settled I will send over and Invoice/Contract to you so that we can officially begin. 

Once that is signed and payed, depending on your situation, then we'll have a meeting about your project and the scope of what needs to be prepared for me to get started. Then, I get it done lickety split. In the rare occasion that you want a site during a holiday season it may take longer due to the season. if you have any other specific questions please let me know. 

When do I need to pay?

Normally I take full payment up front for discounted jobs. Understanding that there may be circumstances out of your control that keep you from paying all at once, please let me know if you need to make multiple payments so that we can make arrangements.

Can we get a discount?

The rates here for my non-profit services are already provided at a steep discount so it is unlikely that I will be able to give any discounts at this time. Average rates would often exceed $1500-$2000 for For-Profit jobs. My rates here are general 1/3 my going rate.


*If you are a church pant you may qualify for a discount.

**If your bill exceeds $1500 you may qualify for a discount, please inquire via my contact form.

When are late fees applied?

It is not often that I have to enforce late fees, but on the rare occasion that you do not pay upfront and you are on a payment schedule late fees will be applied when the second late payment occurs. 

*A fee will of $50 will be applied for every week late after that.

More Questions?

More Questions? Not unusual. Please go over to the top right and click, "Get In Touch" to message me. Thanks