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Staying Connected When We Can’t Be Together

Both 2020 & 2021 have been extremely rough years for the church. God’s people scattered across the world, but feeling very much alone. Alone in their physical space, often feeling alone in our fears and worries, and often alone in that big decision on whether to get back together. One thing it did do was force us to reevaluate what’s important to us, and how we were going to move forward. Most churches implemented some form of live streaming, and most stepped up their general communication game. I want to offer three ways that you can continue to stay connected, especially with those who have had to make the difficult choice to still stay home. Here we go!

  1. Having someone man or woman your live streams is a great way to encourage connection, check-ins, and prayer with those who are not able to be with us in person. You have to remind people it’s there and an important option for connection for those who aren’t joining in person at all right now. That allow them to, in a real way, stay interactive in the service going on. You’ll have to teach when are appropriate times to engage, and perhaps use tools that allow you to automatically communicate those things. But, this might help those perpetually online connect to the body digitally.
  2. We’re going offline for number 2! take out that pad of paper and send people who haven’t returned to church a note to let them know that they are still important to your church and that you’re still thinking of them. As a bonus, if you can fiscally swing it, prepare a book, a bible study, or small group materials that you send to them with this letter and invite them to join you on Zoom or some other digital platform to work through them together.
  3. Lastly, sticking with that semi low tech options. That super smart computer that’s in your hand… it’s a phone still too. Yup, pick up that bad boy and give someone a call. Even if you don’t call people who can’t make it all the time, try to do it every once and awhile to make sure they know that you are still thinking of them and that you still care. Bonus points, pass out groups of numbers to congregants or leadership and tag team that list so that you don’t get burned out or they don’t think you’re just doing this because “you’re the pastor.”

Are you already doing these? Did we forget one? There are a bunch that we could have added to this list, but this is a great place to start. A church, the body of Christ isn’t really a full body if it’s missing its arm, or foot, or even the pancreas (what does that thing even do anyway 🤷🏻‍♂️)! Make sure to keep everyone connected.


Three Ways To Make Your Website Stand Out

In today’s world, a website is not just an accessory for churches or non-profits, it is the front door to your organization. It is the front lines of everything you need to have prepared in order to help people find the info they are looking for. Whether they are a congregant who is looking for important event info or someone new who just wants to find out what does it look like if they come visit your church. Trust me, they are there checking it all out before they ever step foot in the door.

Here are three ways to make sure that your website is achieving what you need it to.

  1. Make sure that it is clean and easy to navigate. There is nothing worse that landing on a website and not being able to locate the information you need.
  2. Make sure that your social media is accessible from your website as well as vice versa. People should be able to get to your website to contact you are look at your product of services easy from your social media accounts. You can’t keep all information there, so make it easy to make that transition.
  3. Make sure that your website is connected to your google account. Having your site officially linked within your google account, especially your Google business page gives you better standing with Google and therefore leads more people to your site through local searches and queries.


Make sure that you have a local backup of your website as well as use a service such as to easily update your WordPress website, make backups, and have security scans to keep your site up and running clean!

Bonus! Bonus!

If you are having your site managed by me here at I already use to take care of updates, managing back-ups, as well as general access and upkeep! Want me to take care of all that stuff for you, sweet, that’s a good choice. Go HERE to let me know you want me to take over for you! Whew, that was a close one.


Must Haves For Any Church Website

T he truth is this. Church websites require a lot of information to be effective. I mean, you have a multipurpose meeting place for EVERYONE you want to stay connected to. For people who want to know every detail about the churches events and ministries, to the nominal attender, to people who have never been before. Wow, that’s a tall task.

Let’s assume that you have thought a bit about what kind of strategy you want for communicating to all those different people. Do you want to reach all those people in one place? Do you want multiple places? Oh no, time to go run and hide! NO. Don’t do that. Here are a few must haves that make sure that you are communicating everything you need to. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your only access point or you have multiple access points for your people.

  1. A clean and easy to read front page. included in this front page should be easy to find services times, service location/s, and easy to find contact information.
  2. In this day and age it’s very easy for anyone to find a church online and just show up. Often times people have different theological leanings or understandings than we hold too. So, we need to make sure that we clearly outline those theological beliefs on our website. I mean, don’t break down EVERY belief your church holds, but you should be able to break down the major closed handed doctrine that you believe. that way they can know whether you are even starting in the same place.
  3. Staff pictures! One of our most visited pages (last time I checked) was our staff and leadership page. People want to have. glimpse of the people that will be running things when they show up to your building. Having pictures for those staff and leaders will help make you accessible and familiar to those who might visit.
  4. Next on this list must of course be media. In 2021 it doesn’t make sense not to have at the very least, audio. Having video is even better. There are free options for hosting both so slowing down your website is no longer and excuse for not having that audio and video. People will decide whether they want to come check you out based on whether they like your messages and content.
  5. Lastly, an easy way for people to make contact with you. Have a nice bright and big button if it matches your site style to get people to communicate with you. that communication may be the hurdle between them walking away from your church or actually coming to visit you.


It’s definitely NOT all about the money, but those resources allow us to keep our doors open. And in this day and age, especially with us being in the middle of a pandemic, maybe your congregation is mostly watching online. You definitely need a quick and easy way to let them give from home!